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10 Facts About the Jump Force

10 Facts About the Jump Force

The anime fighting game, Jump Force, is the first game to be made jointly by Bandai Namco, Shueisha, and Fuji TV. This game is set in the near-future, where J-villains start invading the Earth. Famous manga and anime characters are called Jump Force, and they are all summoned to fight against the J-villain threat.

  1. The game is in development by Spike Chunsoft and Bandai Namco, both of which have a wealth of experience in the video game industry.
  2. It is a 3D fighter that includes characters from various Shonen Jump series.
  3. Jump Force is a 3v3 fighting game. Each team has three characters that fight against each other on either one large map or multiple maps on top of buildings. Each character has an ability that can temporarily transform the environment on the map.
  4. It features a Story Mode, and Online Mode, and a Free Battle Mode.
  5. The story is about all the characters teaming up to stop a new threat.
  6. Bandai Namco has confirmed the game will have a Season Pass that will include a couple of additional characters and a few new items.
  7. Jump Force is powered by Unreal Engine 4.
  8. There are over 40 characters to play in the game.
  9. It is available in Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Latin American Spanish.
  10. The game is set to feature voice actors from the original manga franchises.


The Jump Force is a game that some fans have been waiting for since the initial announcement. The game is an all-star fighting game that has characters from some of the most popular Shonen Jump series. It’s a game that lets fans of the series relive some of the toughest moments from their favorite stories.

In this article, we’ve looked at 10 facts about the Jump Force. The game has been in development for a while and rumors have been circulating about the game for a while. In this article, we’ve looked at some of the things that you might not have known about the Jump Force.

We’ve looked at the way that the Jump Force was announced and the way that a lot of fans took a while to warm up to the game. We’ve also looked at the way that the Jump Force was designed to be a game for fans of the Shonen Jump series.

29 Oct 2021